Reimagined, redesigned and reengineered
home refrigeration and freezing

4” Thick special polyurethane

shot-in-place foam insulated

wall panels & ceiling; industries

highest R-value at 50. (R-value

is the measure of resistance to

outside heat through thickness

of insulation) with higher

insulating property number.

Pressure equalization valve prevents

air suction at entrance door.



Located above the entry and

reach-in door openings and

engineered to keep cold air in

and warm air out (helps keep

bugs out too).

Qflow360TM (patent pending) high velocity

air walll fans oressurize air walls which allow

an almost undetectable hyper stream of air

for optimal comfort and evenly dstributed

air distribution.

All Interior exposed walls and ceiling

of 304 18-8 food grade stainless with

#4 brushed finish standard.

The Qoldfusion Innovative Qflow360TM (patent pending)

Air Management System for optimal air distribution, food

preservation, and comfort. This technology has never

been offered in luxury home refrigeration.


A vibrant capacitive touchscreen with intuitive

digital control of the temperature & pantry

operation system. The Qoldfusion App allows

full operation directly from your mobile device.

3” Thick insulated floor with “Altro” non-slip,

easy-to-clean, fungi resistant surface.

The Qoldfusion Innovative

Qflow360TM (patent pending)

Air Management System

air return.

Optional Dual-Temp Walk-in Refrigerated Pantry 

plus integrated internal freezer column.

5-Tier cantilevered shelving of heavy-gauge

easily adjustible 304 18-8 food grade stainless

steel shelving with#4 brushed nish, slotted for

optimal air flow.

Vibrant interior lighting with scratch-resistant,

white translucent, polycarbonate defusing

lenses delivers optimal illumination.

Customize the overall mood with LED

RGB colors, controlled by the Qoldfusion

smartphone app.

Minimally Sloped entrance allows for

smooth transition with outside floor surface,

for ease of entry. 

Heated threshold with spill-catch

trough and removable slotted grated

for easy cleaning.

Special Internal Heater Network surrounds

entrance and reach-in doors as well as viewing

windows. This prevents condensation and

maintains clear viewing.